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If you are that kind of woman who appreciates the finer things in life, you must have heard about rich men dating sites, however, there are several types of this and it includes millionaire dating and sugar daddy dating sites. Let’s find out the differences between the millionaire dating and sugar daddy dating.

Millionaire Dating Vs Sugar Daddy Relationship

Millionaire Dating

Dating a rich man, especially a millionaire has been an obsession of young and even mature women these days. Why not? If you are going to be spoiled and treated like a queen or a princess by a millionaire, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem, however, is finding the real millionaire. Certified millionaires are hard to find and if you‘re going to do your own investigation, it may take a lot of time and money to finally find out the truth. If you are serious at finding the right millionaire for you, there are other ways to do it such as millionaire dating site.

date a millionaire

millionaires dating

Millionaire Dating, compared to sugar daddy dating is more like a traditional type of dating, it’s just that, instead of dating ordinary men or women, you are more focused on meeting rich successful men or women, (whatever the case maybe). You can either be the millionaire seeking for a person to share your money, time lifestyle to someone who loves the good things in life such as travelling, going to showrooms, attending meetings and party, going to the finest restaurant and five star hotels, going on vacation on a luxury yacht—everything that life has to offer. With millionaire dating, you are potentially looking forward to meet a partner who shows the same interests as you, which may develop into something deeper such as long term relationship or marriage.

Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar daddy dating is a type of rich men dating where a rich successful man, normally in his late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and senior years and sugar babies who may be in her senior years in High, a college student or any beautiful young woman in her late teen age years or early to late 20’s meet.

sugar daddy sugar baby

sugar daddy dating

If you are looking for a dating arrangement, sugar daddy dating is the ideal concept for you. Typically, rich men sign up on sugar daddy dating sites to find their sugar babies—to pamper with money or allowance for food, school and shopping. This arrangement is very popular especially these days where gadgets are said to be the top necessity for the young ones. Young ladies love to be “in” and so, they go to sugar daddy dating websites to look for someone who can offer the finest things in life in exchange for an arrangement which may involve companionship, money and sex, but only if both parties agree. As mentioned, there is an arrangement that has to be followed.

So, with these two types of rich men dating, you can easily find out which one is for you. So, choose wisely.

Benefits of Millionaire Dating

Dating a Millionaire can be both awesome and daunting, especially if it’s your first time dating one. But, in truth, there’s more into dating a millionaire than just going out on candle light dinner. Dating a millionaire is much, MUCH more different than dating ordinary person out there.

Millionaire dating is getting to be really popular these days, especially with the new advances in technology where one can simply log on to a dating site anywhere, anytime using an application and find the right millionaire to date. Who knows? It’s not impossible to find your ideal successful millionaire online. In fact, there are so many people out there—young women, young men—who’ve found their partners on millionaire dating websites.

dating a millionaire

Why you should date a millionaire

There could be a lot of reasons why millionaire dating platforms encourage individuals to sign up on their websites, besides the fact that they do earn on its membership fees. Legit dating websites are usually true to its mission: to help people from coast to coast find and meet their potential partner for life.

1.Financial support– being practical is good as it only shows that you are aware of the hardship of having nothing at all and that finding a partner—a rich man or a woman—can help you with your everyday expenses. With this type of dating, you’ll never worry about paying for your household bills and grocery because your millionaire partner can take care of that for you. These millionaires are not naïve regarding this matter, they are actually there to support you financially and help your achieve your dreams in life.

2.Be pampered– everybody knows that dating a millionaire means being pampered. If you love dating and being pampered at the same time, then, millionaire dating is a good choice. Why not? Life is a choice. Why settle for less if you can have a millionaire who have the same interests as you are? It’s easy to fall in love, especially with a millionaire! But, this does not mean just falling in love for money. Money is not everything. With millionaire dating, there is always a probability of being truly in love which makes online dating a very good experience. In fact, many review sites and testimonials have already revealed that millionaire dating is the answer to your problem on how to land the man of your dreams.

3.Live life to the fullest-if you are that kind of person who loves to see the world and live life to the fullest, millionaire dating is definitely for you. When you find yourself a millionaire, you’ll get the chance to travel around the world and see true paradise on earth. With millionaire dating, you’ll surely travel with your partner for business or for leisure, but that is IF he likes you.

With all these benefits, one can simply conclude that millionaire dating is worth the try. You’ll lose nothing. All decisions will come from you. At the start of the relationship, your millionaire partner will be frank to tell you their expectations and you can either reject or accept it. It’s all up to you.

How to Meet a Millionaire

meet a millionaireEveryone wants to meet a millionaire, to date a rich man and marry one but evidently, not everyone is lucky. If you believe that looking for a rich man to marry or even mingle with is complicated, it’s most probably because you’re not looking at the right place or not that serious in finding one.

Millionaire lifestyle is so much different than the lifestyle of ordinary guys out there and so meeting a millionaire would seem really tough. And for this reason, a lot of women choose to stay with men they never really like. The truth is that there are secrets on how to meet a millionaire. It’s like a secret to becoming rich and to be rich, you can’t stay with friends all day. If you are a savvy, adventurous woman, you’ll find a way to meet your dream man.

These millionaires do things differently. They don’t go to places where ordinary people usually go. They don’t dine at restaurants you normally go to hang out with friends and they do not shop where you shop, which simply means, they spend their days doing something else by going somewhere else exclusive.

How to meet a millionaire in four steps:

1.Plan for the future

One of the great things about life is having a choice—a choice to live how you want to live in this world, a choice to stay mediocre, a choice to marry a younger or an older person, a choice to live somewhere else, a choice to meet a millionaire and many more. Meeting a millionaire does not usually happen overnight and especially not by surprise. It is well-planned and meeting one is a choice that you have to make. So, to meet your dream millionaire, have a plan and stick with it.

2.Choose the right place to hang out

If you usually watch movies with friends and co-workers, stop. If you are serious in meeting your extra-ordinary man, choose to go on some exclusive locations and events like sports events including high profile NBA, NFL, European football league and boxing championship. Attending charity events is also another way to meet a millionaire. You need to be familiar with these kinds of occasions. If you can’t make it, why not go places where they usually hang out after the event? You’ll not spend a lot of money by doing this, so this can be a much better option if you’re on a budget.
Rich men also love to go scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding, snowboarding, car racing and are always on the lookout for the latest luxury cars like Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati. So, go to auto showrooms to meet a millionaire.

3.Connect with their assistants

Millionaires are busy. They don’t stop when they become a millionaire. They actually strive more to have more. They have secretaries and assistants who keep record of their weekly and monthly activities, so it is also a good idea to connect with them without being obvious. So, be creative.

4.Become a member of millionaire dating sites

Signing up on several millionaire dating sites can help you a lot. You may spend about $20 to $35 a month but it’s worth it. Remember that millionaire men or women have hectic schedules. They don’t just lay down, watch TV and dine out all day. They work and that’s how they live. But, the good news is that just like you, they also think that it is tough to find the right woman to spend their life with and so, what they do is sign up online where people looking for millionaires are numerous. By this, it would be a lot easier for them to find their dream girl. So, sign up and find out because that’s how you meet a millionaire!

10 Great Millionaire Dating Tips that Really Work

You may have heard about these famous people giving advice and tips regarding millionaire dating. Unfortunately, not all can benefit from it. It’s a tough world and finding a single millionaire to marry is just one of the many challenges every single woman (or man) have to face. So, once you find one, you must be ready for more challenges. There are countless millionaire dating tips that really work, so as early as now, you need to be familiar with all of it if you want to keep your millionaire.

millionaire dating tipsTop 10 Successful Millionaire Dating Advice

1.Be initiative – When you’re asked where you would wanna go, you must be ready to answer. Familiarized yourself with all the beautiful exclusive places around and be confident to recommend. Millionaire doesn’t want to take all the initiative; just like everyone else, they love to hear requests and suggestions.

2..Don’t over-talk– whether you are a man or a woman dating a millionaire for the first time, learn not to over talk. This is a sure turn-off. Often times, when one is nervous, there is always a tendency to over talk. So, don’t. Stay calm.

3.Be the complete package-men and women would love to stay with a person who is a real complete package—beauty, brains and confidence in one! You really have to be extra ordinary when dating a millionaire. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 40 or 50, just be daring and different! Be the whole package they are after.

4.Be genuine– though millionaire wants an attractive, classy and polished women, they also know if you are faking it, so be natural. Being attractive is natural, being classy and polished is developed but being genuine is divine. This is what your millionaire date would love to see in you.

5.Don’t be a gold digger– being a gold digger is never a good thing. Finding a millionaire simply means you love great things in life—travelling, dining at exclusive restaurants, designer clothing, wonderful job and great life—but not to the extent that you become so obsessed with money. Life doesn’t work that way and no millionaire would want to stay with someone whose main objective in life is to dig money from them.

6.Make dating plans- let’s face it, beauty depends upon the beholder, and that’s a fact. Have you ever wondered how some of these rich successful men fall in love with women who seemed to look so unattractive compared to you? To them, what they see is beautiful, so with that in mind, you have to make plans. Who you’re dating now may not be the one so don’t just go out with one millionaire. Date two more at a time and set your expectation.

7.Don’t be desperate– this is one of the most crucial things when dating a millionaire. If you think it’s hard to get into millionaire dating just because you want to be in a real serious relationship quickly, think twice. Don’t be desperate. Patience is virtue if you are doing the right thing. So stay focused and always remember what you’re aiming for—a serious relationship with a millionaire! But if you discover something that would really cause an unhealthy relationship, decide quickly. It’s useless to fake feelings.

8.Make an action plan– it takes time and effort to find a millionaire and so don’t waste your time. If you see one, take the opportunity to connect well. If it’s no use, take more action. Make an action plan. Locate where these people are going and be ready! Grab their attention by being an eye-catcher!

9.Market yourself– everyone wants a big SALE, that’s what we thought! But millionaire don’t care about it. They want what’s exclusive, something priceless so be what they want! Be sexy and daring and appealing and most of all, in shape! Nobody wants to date an unhealthy woman. Eat, exercise and be smart— that’s how you market yourself in the millionaire’s world.

10.Smile and look away– oftentimes, this “smile and look away” really works. If you see your dream man look alike, smile for a few seconds as if you knew him from H.S, then look away. If he comes over and start a conversation, you won the game. If not, maybe he’s not looking for a woman or maybe he’s engaged or something else, who cares? Move on. Remember your action plan? And remember to go alone anywhere you go when you’re searching for your rich partner. You may have noticed that men, just like you, love to flirt. But they can’t flirt with someone beside you. That’s awkward. So, when prospecting, just go alone, smile and flirt in a sophisticated way.

top 10 millionaire daitng cities


According to the CNBC report, New York is the top cities where you can meet a millionaire in the USA. And Tokyo is the cities with the most millionaires in the World. While the U.S. has far more millionaires (5 million to Japan’s 2 million), America’s rich people are spread over multiple cities, while Japan’s population is more heavily concentrated in its Capital city Tokyo. However, if you want to date a millionaire from other races, other cultures or even other boards, you should learn some interracial dating tips to make your dating life much easier.

There are countless tips to help you land the man of your dreams but these 10 great millionaire dating tips that really work are the most basic tips in finding a millionaire. With all these, millionaire dating comes easy and a happy luxury relationship that can possibly turn to a happy ending is soon to take place.

Just remember if you want a millionaire to keep. Be that someone for keeps.

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